Motion and stereoscopic tilt perception.

B. J. Pierce,     K. F. Arrington,     M. A. Moreno

Journal of the JSID
1999: 7(3), p. 193-206.
(Society for Information Display)


Stereoscopic perception of tilt about a vertical or horizontal axis is influenced by size and shear disparities, respectively. Other researchers have reported that, under certain conditions, stereoscopic perception deficits occur when the dots in a random dot stereogram move at a velocity that produces optokinetic nystagmus. Here we examine how size disparity and shear disparity affect stereoscopic tilt perception under various motion conditions. We hypothesized that visual stimulus motion may interact with these disparities to affect tilt perception. Our results indicate that shear disparity and size disparity effects under static conditions are maintained under motion conditions. A possible explanation for the conflict between the current and previous results is discussed, as are implications for binocular head-mounted display applications.

Key words

stereomotion, stereopsis, shear disparity, size disparity, perceived slant, perceived inclination, the induced effect, tilt, depth perception

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