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The ViewPoint EyeTracker ® head fixed systems are perfect for visual psychophysics, EEG studies etc. that require a stable viewing position or restriction of head movement. Calibration is performed with respect to a computer screen or projector display. Technical Specifications here>






HeadLock™ Ultra Precision Head Positioner ™















400 Hz Binocular USB

  • Torsion options available at 400 Hz
  • Use with your own method of head stabilization or with our HeadLock
  • USB 2.0 camera & Illuminator for use with a Laptop computer
  • No external power supply required
  • Can be supplied with different lens options to suit your required camera to eye working distance
90 Hz systems
Item MHU903 Monocular 90 Hz $7,998
Item BHU903 Binocular 90 Hz $10,998
220 Hz systems  
Item MHU03 Monocular 220 Hz $9,998
Item BHU03 Binocular 220 Hz $14,498
400 Hz systems  
Item MHU400 Monocular 400 Hz $12,498
Item BHU400 Binocular 400Hz $17,998







90 Hz systems
Item MCU902 Monocular 90 Hz $5998
Item BCU902 Binocular 90 Hz $8998
220 Hz systems  
Item MCU02 Monocular 220 Hz $7998
Item BCU02 Binocular 220 Hz $12,498
400 Hz systems
Item MCU400 Monocular 400Hz $9,998
Item BCU400 Binocular 400Hz $15,498

Wide variety of camera-to-eye distances available. From approximately 20 cm to 140 cm. Please specify approximate distance required when ordering.


HeadLock, Ultra Precision Head Positioner

Remote / Desk Mounted