eye tracking systems by Arrington Research, Inc.

ViewPoint Graphical User Interface 
The ViewPoint EyeTracker® user interface makes eye tracking easy. The eye tracker provides the user with pre-set defaults that are appropriate for most situations and also provides serious control to override those defaults. Preferred settings can be saved and reloaded automatically at startup to save time.
 EyeCamera Window
The EyeCamera window tool bar provides easy controls to make your eye tracking results more reliable and to extend the range of trackable subjects. It is very easy to limit the areas within which the software searches for the pupil and corneal reflection to exclude extraneous reflections and dark shadows. These can cause many tracking failures on conventional eye trackers.
 EyeSpace Window
Easy, flexible and intuitive calibration procedure. You can decide the number of calibration points to use, their color, and how fast to present them to the subject. Or stick with the defaults set within ViewPoint for you. The EyeSpace window provides a visualisation of the calibration mapping so that you can quickly and easily tell if you have a good calibration. Outliers can be repeated individually if necessary to avoid recalibration. Easily re-present individual points and perform slip correction at any point. Save and reload individual subject's calibration settings for use in subsequent trials.
 Real-Time Feedback

The PenPlot window provides real-time eye position, velocity, torsion and pupil size measurement feed back.

The GazeSpace window provdes real-time gaze position and fixation information. User defined regions of interests make the analysis task easy.

There are many other controls and real-time feedback windows available to the user.
Startup Window eye tracking software